IRC Father's Day

Father's Day gifts that are not cliché

At IRC, our mission is to help refugees and people in need. However, today we’re here to help you.

Having trouble finding the perfect Father’s Day gift? We’ve got the answer, just scroll down. You could get him a gag gift, of course. Or for the same money you could surprise him with something truly meaningful that helps someone in need. It’s up to you!

A polyurethane bladder that looks like a beer belly, perfect for your beverage of choice. For $29.99
$24 can provide a new mother with a kit of simple, hygienic supplies, including rubber gloves, a bar of soap, and a warm blanket for the newborn, to make childbirth safer and happier.
A white BBQ pit made to look like an enormous golf ball. For $34
$36 can provide families with information on how to access medical care and safe transportation to facilities such as hospitals or asylum centers while far from home.
A handmade, comfortable, and warm crochet roman helmet and mask. For $39
$45 can provide three children with their own teddy bears to hold tight, as well as a creative toy and coloring kit that will help them cope with the psychological distress of war and upheaval.
A toilet paper holder in the shape of a standing alligator. For $52.95
$45 can provide supplies needed to construct a safe and private toilet. Proper sanitation prevents the spread of disease, preserves dignity, and promotes safety, especially for women and girls.
A garden statue of a sitting frog, casually holding a solar lantern. For $64.99
$60 provide the plots and planting materials that help recently resettled refugees in the United States to grow and sell crops through community gardening.
A metal wine holder in the shape of an architect, holding tools in his hands. For $79.95
$75 can help a family rebuild their home and restart their lives. The IRC provides vouchers redeemable at local hardware stores where families can purchase the tools needed to rebuild their homes.
A squirrel-free birdfeeder in the shape of a Western horse galloping. For $75.99
$80 can provide farmers in conflict zones with seed packets to help them grow herbs, vegetables, and fruits year-round, providing their communities with needed nutrition.
An all-season sofa throw blanket with a picture of a relaxed meerkat lounging. For $89.40
$84 can provide 15 warm, soft blankets for uprooted families who have lost everything in a crisis, like the war in Syria, helping them stay warm and get a better night’s sleep.
Premium silk/cotton blend pajamas that look like a classic suit. For $99.95
$114 can provide a family with lifesaving emergency winter kits filled with warm blankets, coats and boots, protective sheeting, and other critical gear needed to survive the harsh winter.
A championship belt with “world’s greatest dad” written on it. For $119
$110 can supply clean water for a year to three people who have been uprooted by crisis.